Friday, 30 October 2015


Hi to all. Following this series I am blogging about on how to make our moment to moment more significant. Budda said that to be born in this realm was more difficult than the fact of a turtle comming up from the depths of the ocean to put up its head by chance through the opening of a wooden yoke tossed around by the huge waves on the, what about that as a chance percentage!!?? and being so precious, how can we go on and on and on without noticing we are alive even?. No, time to put value to every second, not that they will be slipping away as the grains of sand from our hand, there are infinite as I believe we are Ethernal, but let's put it this way and without stressing ourselves, what we make of our life and how aware do we become counts, yes, it counts a lot.

Art is great to make us stop. My advice is this, put an image you cannot pass by without looking at very close to you!! much closer can there be than our bed? Where we spend all our unconscious hours elaborating dreams and re-making our thoughts and futures.

having a wonderfully inpiring book by your night stand, having a beautiful image to look at before folling in the arms of Morpheus and dissappearing for a while in the dream – world is a perfect way to reinforce or awareness and our sense of being alife and join in a joyful mood all the rest of the sleeping humans. ….. This is it for now, we will continue together dreaming and having new inspiring images 

designers bedroom with Kim Parker art on the headboard

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Art, interiors, decoration and you

 As I have been proposing from all my posts, to have a special day, to uplift your mood, and bear in mind that moments and moods repeated just crystallise in habits, art is on your side.  Specially art with vibrant colours which bring with them a sensation of vitality, freshness, light and joy.

 To choose some piece of art that you feel matches your style and maybe your wishes and portrays that in a way that awakens you every time you pass by it, it reminds you that you have dedicated time to yourself in choosing it, it gets alive every time you look at it, in fact you are giving it the sense it has! this is rewarding and makes those moments a sign to wake up to yourself and the joy to be there and then, and if that is not what you are feeling that moment that particular day, then at least it is a reminder to you that it could be otherwise.

fantastic palace in Stockolm with Amara Dacer painting on the wallWonderful interior with flower paintings from Amara Dacer

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Surround yourself by the most beautiful objects and enjoy art color wherever you look at

Following this series of blog posts in which colour and letting it uplift you moment to moment is what we are aiming for, one wonderful idea is to surround yourself by beauty in every object.  Your love for your ambience as well as for your own self will be looking back at you and reinforcing your good moods.  Cushions are a good example of this.  Why do you want a dull sofa just to break down into afer work without even noticing you are doing it?? and this is just one of the thousands of mechanical actions that you can break the spell on you by having a stron beautiful art object catching your eye and reminding you.... Hey, stop, you are alife! enjoy this moment.......  Lets join together in this....


art cushion fro

art throw pillow
m Amara Dacer
cushion art

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Colour in flower paintings

Colour in flower paintings

 To develop an eye for beauty in every day life is something which will bring much joy to our moment to moment flow of the day.  This is a muscle, just like going to the gym.  What I have noticed in my own experience is that looking at a painting or at pieces of art that we feel identified with several times every day makes or sight an art bringer, develops our awareness of beauty and vibrancy in all what surrounds us and helps us go out of recurrent worry moods or low moments we may fall into. I am posting this wonderful flower vases by the artist Van Dongen so that we can share together this art of making beauty of everything that touches our visual perception.....keep in touch and let me know of the effects you notice 

Van dongen Painting in Pinterest


Mallorca, magnificent place for painting with strong vibrant colours, let yourself be invaded by inspiration

 Mallorca, perfect place for painting in colour and getting inspired

Mallorca has been called the "Island of Light" as well as the "Island of peace", this has a reason, and what we wish here is to be active participants and to live this two adjectives in First Person.

If you have ever looked at an impressionist or expressionist or fauve painting and felt uplifted, excited or full of is for a reason.  Light and colour has an impact in our perception and mood.  It comes to us with an enhanced sense of vitality, excitement and beauty and this is well known by all artists who use colour as their meium of expression.

Vibrant colours bring a sense of "I feel happy", "life is beautiful" and this, believe it or not, is independent of the present mood we are in in this moment.  That explains the sensation of pleasure and the fact of being reminded that this moods are available to us, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT, no matter what we have happened to be entertaining in our minds until just one second before!!! so, let´s all together take advantage of this gift and do not forget  the beauty you can bring to your moment, lets experience it and see if it works!  I invite you to have a look at the following images and let the colour permeate your awarness without thought, just experience....... and let me know of the effects!

Amara Dacer art, Garden in Mallorca
Manel Anoro, painter, Mallorca