Friday, 27 May 2016

Hi To all again,

Long time, no news..... I was preparing my new exhibition, and this takes a huge amount of work and joy,.....well mixed.  I am pleased to post several posters that have been made for the event.

As per all my posts and personal crusade, the color enhances our lifes we can get it on our eyes, it is a question of exercising that muscle of the imagination and I can assure you that if we put that vision on every sight, circumstance or person we are facing, no matter what we judge them to be, it brings a sensation of aliveness and any bad feeling has to fade away, it just cannot stand.  So, in this we are together

Poster for exhibition, Amara Dacer, Blue Woman's face, Serenity

Figurative nude, bather in the woods, contemporary

Contemporary figurative work, poster for exhibition Amara Dacer, Woman's face in purple