Thursday, 31 December 2015

We are about to satart a new Year, let's start it with heart!

In this series of learning to have a more creative life moment to moment it is important to be able to see with our inner vision, to put a fantasy glasses on our eyes so that we can see the inner beauty of any object, any face, any silouette or landscape

We can see as if everything was emerging from a joyful dream-like state of mind

A new way of seeing offers us a freshness, a new stream of thoughts, a presence and in the end, a new life .

I wish all the best to you in this year we are starting, let's take it as one more opportunity of being born again to all the beauty, ideas and creativity we can unfold endlessly

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


 I have started a series of paintings in homage to the style, colours, Flowers and vitality that Frida Kahlo has left for all of u.

She may have suffered quite a lot in her personal private life, but her attitude, her the photos of her with her colours and hair arrangements, her paintings have become a legacy for all of us, photographers, fashion designers etc.  

I our crusade for inspiration and joy of life moment by moment, let's take advantage of the Passion and Energy this images offer and let´s apply them to this present second we are breathing!! NOW is the only time there is.

Amara Dacer painting, available as print in Fine Arts America

Fashion art photography inspired in frida´s flower hair arrangement, found in Pinterest

Saturday, 12 December 2015


We go on with this series of articles and art that we use as the means to stop and breath and re-connect with our selves during the day so that we do an inner choice for joy and elevate our general feeling state.  Colour, beauty, have their inner strength, vibrancy, they take us to a different level from the analytic and mental thoughts into an area of play, enjoyment and abstraction, much closer to our spirit.

This is a work inspired by the legacy of Frida into contemporary art, photography and fashion, her colours, her flower arrangements, and a certain iconic look are totally outstanding and immediately re cognisable.  We join today in this feast for our eyes

Painting from Amara Dacer,, you can find it in saachi art in the following link

Friday, 11 December 2015

                    TODAY I WAS THINKING OF YOU




Yes,  today I was thinking about you and of this series for uplifting our hearts through art, and the thing that I came up with was my last work, I painted thinking about you


Thinking about you, acrylic painting from Amara Dacer,


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Hi again, here we are in our joint crusade to touch the flames of inspiration through art, let the colours, the shapes melt with our perception and bring us back to a vibrancy and a freshness that is so often diluted during the passing of the day.

I have here a tool that I have made, something which is meant to be very very useful. It is an ebook that you can just look when things seem to be out of hand, when thoughts seem to run in our heads, we need to have a few moments of re-connecting with our inner guidance and inspiration and more often than not a tool is a great help for this.

It could be a quote, a spiritual image,............or in this case the paintings and quotes I have put together so that we can share a journey into higher and higher states of mind.

Here below you can see the preview and by joining my mailing list you can get a free downloadable pdf so that you can see it in your computer every day or print it and have it by your side.

Thank you for making of this a meaningful journey.... enjoy

Monday, 7 December 2015

The Art is in your eyes, you are the one who resonates with beauty and colour, your inner world and your inspiration is what gets fired with the with the visions of vibrant shapes and forms. Perception is in YOU.

It is my life purpose to produce images that can melt within the one perceiving them and thus bring it meanig, being uplifting, a pleasurse for the eyes and the mind, a resting point in the sometimes tiring path of everyday life rush.....

It is moment by moment a shared experience

What one feeds himself with be it food for the body or food for the mind this is what brings the outcome, let´s share the beauty, the joy and let our inspiration fire up time and time again!!

Thank you for the honour of sharing

Amara Dacer