Thursday, 29 October 2015

Art, interiors, decoration and you

 As I have been proposing from all my posts, to have a special day, to uplift your mood, and bear in mind that moments and moods repeated just crystallise in habits, art is on your side.  Specially art with vibrant colours which bring with them a sensation of vitality, freshness, light and joy.

 To choose some piece of art that you feel matches your style and maybe your wishes and portrays that in a way that awakens you every time you pass by it, it reminds you that you have dedicated time to yourself in choosing it, it gets alive every time you look at it, in fact you are giving it the sense it has! this is rewarding and makes those moments a sign to wake up to yourself and the joy to be there and then, and if that is not what you are feeling that moment that particular day, then at least it is a reminder to you that it could be otherwise.

fantastic palace in Stockolm with Amara Dacer painting on the wallWonderful interior with flower paintings from Amara Dacer

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