Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Mallorca, magnificent place for painting with strong vibrant colours, let yourself be invaded by inspiration

 Mallorca, perfect place for painting in colour and getting inspired

Mallorca has been called the "Island of Light" as well as the "Island of peace", this has a reason, and what we wish here is to be active participants and to live this two adjectives in First Person.

If you have ever looked at an impressionist or expressionist or fauve painting and felt uplifted, excited or full of enery.....it is for a reason.  Light and colour has an impact in our perception and mood.  It comes to us with an enhanced sense of vitality, excitement and beauty and this is well known by all artists who use colour as their meium of expression.

Vibrant colours bring a sense of "I feel happy", "life is beautiful" and this, believe it or not, is independent of the present mood we are in in this moment.  That explains the sensation of pleasure and the fact of being reminded that this moods are available to us, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT, no matter what we have happened to be entertaining in our minds until just one second before!!! so, let´s all together take advantage of this gift and do not forget  the beauty you can bring to your moment, lets experience it and see if it works!  I invite you to have a look at the following images and let the colour permeate your awarness without thought, just experience....... and let me know of the effects!

Amara Dacer art, Garden in Mallorca
Manel Anoro, painter, Mallorca

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