Friday, 30 October 2015


Hi to all. Following this series I am blogging about on how to make our moment to moment more significant. Budda said that to be born in this realm was more difficult than the fact of a turtle comming up from the depths of the ocean to put up its head by chance through the opening of a wooden yoke tossed around by the huge waves on the, what about that as a chance percentage!!?? and being so precious, how can we go on and on and on without noticing we are alive even?. No, time to put value to every second, not that they will be slipping away as the grains of sand from our hand, there are infinite as I believe we are Ethernal, but let's put it this way and without stressing ourselves, what we make of our life and how aware do we become counts, yes, it counts a lot.

Art is great to make us stop. My advice is this, put an image you cannot pass by without looking at very close to you!! much closer can there be than our bed? Where we spend all our unconscious hours elaborating dreams and re-making our thoughts and futures.

having a wonderfully inpiring book by your night stand, having a beautiful image to look at before folling in the arms of Morpheus and dissappearing for a while in the dream – world is a perfect way to reinforce or awareness and our sense of being alife and join in a joyful mood all the rest of the sleeping humans. ….. This is it for now, we will continue together dreaming and having new inspiring images 

designers bedroom with Kim Parker art on the headboard

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