Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Surround yourself by the most beautiful objects and enjoy art color wherever you look at

Following this series of blog posts in which colour and letting it uplift you moment to moment is what we are aiming for, one wonderful idea is to surround yourself by beauty in every object.  Your love for your ambience as well as for your own self will be looking back at you and reinforcing your good moods.  Cushions are a good example of this.  Why do you want a dull sofa just to break down into afer work without even noticing you are doing it?? and this is just one of the thousands of mechanical actions that you can break the spell on you by having a stron beautiful art object catching your eye and reminding you.... Hey, stop, you are alife! enjoy this moment.......  Lets join together in this....


art cushion fro

art throw pillow
m Amara Dacer
cushion art

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