Monday, 2 November 2015

How to put the art within your eyes.............and within your life

Hi, I am starting a new series of blog posts here where we will together learn how to have art within our eyes instead of expecting it to come from outside or for someone to “give it to us”. The information that we allow through our senses shapes what we become, we may have woken up within a fantastic and exhilarating mood or with our “left foot”, but that doesn´t matter because in the long run we do have a choice. This is the most important to bare in mind.

We can choose to make beautiful and to therefore enjoy anywhere we look at. You may say, well, and what is the reality, what about if it is ugly or I do not like what I am seeing that moment? Again I will reply what I have found out after endless years of meditation and reading all sort of weird and wonderful books and then applying it........ perception is totally personal, there is not an objective perception. Has it never happened to you that you go to a party with someone else and when you come out and share experiences they are totally different????, well this is what I mean.

So, I will start here a series where I will show you a picture of a landscape and then, the art VISION of that landscape. And when I do this I do not want you to look at the finger pointing at the moon and staying on the fingertip and missing the moon. What I mean here is that YOU have that vision, it takes only a bit of training, this is what we are going to do here, but the aim of this is not that you stay with the artist's perception but with yours, and that the colours end up pervading all you look at and that you enjoy so much more any moment. Life is made of moments.....lets stay with this and leave the full picture expectations, it is made through all this little seemingly unimportant moments that we weave into it.

So , here below is a picture of Biniaraix, a little village in Majorca and the VISION we can have when we look at it 

FigurativPainting of the village Biniaraix, Mallorca by the artist Amara Dacer

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