Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Art within your eyes, unfold your artistic vision and enjoy all your moments

ART WITHIN YOUR EYES......................THE CHOICE IS YOURS..........ENJOY

Following this series of articles destined to unfold joy in our moment to moment life by adding meaning to each one of this moments and stopping to savour them, I will set up a new example.

The important thing is not looking at someones painting and enjoying it, which is quite right, but what you want is to have the VISION WITHIN YOUR PERCEPTION. To have the colours within yourself. THIS IS WHAT MAKES YOU THE MASTER, you take the only choice you have, you decide how to perceive reality.

You will ask me what is the point of this? The whole point not only of doing what is suggested in this posts but the whole point of your whole life is to enhance your “being present” in the moment and to uplift yourself as much as you can...........UNTIL YOU REALLY ARE TOUCHING HEAVEN! This is the whole point.

We will do this together, and we will do it little by little. This is something that we have to exercise and in fact this exercising it is the whole point!!!

As i did in my previous article, I will be posting a series of posts with images of what reality looks like and an example of how we can unfold this COLOUR VISION within, and apply it to anything we look at. I will put very simple things, because our lives are made of a string of very simple moments and …..........WE ARE NOT GOING TO MISS OUT ON THE BEAUTY OF A SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!

Lets make of this our Motto..................Enjoy

Street of the village in Mallorca, Biniaraix.  Painting by artist Amara dacer

Watercolour from the artist Mercedes Alabern, willage with church in Mallorca

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