Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Hi again, here we are in our joint crusade to touch the flames of inspiration through art, let the colours, the shapes melt with our perception and bring us back to a vibrancy and a freshness that is so often diluted during the passing of the day.

I have here a tool that I have made, something which is meant to be very very useful. It is an ebook that you can just look when things seem to be out of hand, when thoughts seem to run in our heads, we need to have a few moments of re-connecting with our inner guidance and inspiration and more often than not a tool is a great help for this.

It could be a quote, a spiritual image,............or in this case the paintings and quotes I have put together so that we can share a journey into higher and higher states of mind.

Here below you can see the preview and by joining my mailing list you can get a free downloadable pdf so that you can see it in your computer every day or print it and have it by your side.

Thank you for making of this a meaningful journey.... enjoy

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